Travel blog: Dragoman marsh, Bulgaria

To be honest, I didn’t even know that Dragoman marsh existed until I saw many photo shoots happening there. And it is only 45 minutes away from Sofia by car!

As far as I know, there is no public transport going to the marsh, so you need to rent a car (if you don’t have one). Take the highway direction Serbia (E80). Close to the town of Dragoman you will have to turn right. If you look up “Dragoman marsh” on Google Maps, the GPS will take you there, so make sure you have good Internet connection because the marsh is quite big so it is not so easy to find the entrance.

There is no entry fee and a kiosk at the entry. The only way to know where to stop is when you see a small “parking lot” (it is not even a parking lot but more like a narrow open space where people leave their car and enter the marsh). On the left of the “parking lot”, you will see a couple of stairs and a wooden path that takes you in the marsh. From then on you just walk around and take cool photos. I personally visited the place in early spring when the weather was not so good and I think this type of weather is also perfect for taking cool photos at this place. There is also a small cabin in the marsh (you have to walk up a ladder) which allows you to view Dragoman marsh from above. To be honest, the ladder didn’t look very safe to me, so I skipped this part of the “tour”. In general, 20 minutes are more than enough to explore the marsh – the path is not so long too.

It is a good idea to combine a trip to Dragoman marsh with other sightseeing places close by, such as Razboishte monastery, Kotlite waterfall or Burokovski monastery. Maybe you can travel to Serbia, too?

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