Life in Bulgaria as a foreigner: Interview with Haimar

Tell us more about your yourself and how you ended up in Bulgaria.

My name is Haimar. I am Estonian, 35 years old. I am working in a company with office network all over the world. Luckily, my job gave me a chance to work in different offices, one of them being in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What is your job and what do you love about it?

I am working in a company dedicated in providing sports data. I love working in sports industry, as this, especially football has been part of my life from early years. I also enjoy working with different people.

Have you experienced culture shock in Bulgaria?

No, not really. It is sad to see some abandoned buildings and areas in some parts of Bulgaria, but this has been nothing shocking for me. Maybe because of my backround and where I am coming from.

What are things you like or dislike about Bulgaria and living here?

It is always about the people, no matter how nice the place can be. I like friendly people, I like the nature and mountains, I like "home shops", I like that drivers are actually fairly polite to pedestrians, I like cheaper prices compared to Estonia, I like the nice steady weather and climate. There is a lot to like about Bulgaria.

I dislike that the city is over flooded with cars, there is too much pollution and industry smell. I also dislike the trash on the side of the roads.

How are your Bulgarian language skills? Tell us your favourite Bulgarian phrase or word!

Unfortunately, I have been too lazy to study Bulgarian language. My working language is English. My favorite words might be Haide ("Come on") and Chakay ("Wait). They sound nice.

Have you travelled in Bulgaria and if yes, which places have you visited? Which one is your favourite so far?

I have traveled a bit and visited places like Plovdiv, Sozopol, Burgas, Seven Rila Lakes, Veliko Turnovo, Bansko, Borovets and few other sights. I think the most impressive thus far has been Seven Rila Lakes area. There is endless room for hiking and exploration.

What's your favourite Bulgarian meal? What's your least favourite?

Of course, I like how different kind of meat is served and tastes. Also, I like Banitsa. Still - I think when I have any friends or family visiting I would always recommend to try Shopska salad. Estonians are simple and it is amazing how a salad with fairly simple ingredients can taste so good. Only thing I can think about is this drink that is with brown color - Bosa. This I have tasted but I have not figured out yet, what is good about it.

Share with us a story that happened to you in Bulgaria and you will always remember!

No particular stories, but I always remember beautiful and quiet sunsets in mountains. Getting out of the city is very easy and the wild nature is not very far away.

Any tips for people who consider moving to Bulgaria?

As a foreigner still need to be vigilant not to sit into pirate taxi. Bring your hiking stuff, there is a lot to explore if you are up for it.

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